Discipline that Restores Program

a reproducible step-by-step classroom discipline process to increase cooperation, mutual respect, and responsibility in the classroom. Check out this article.

In the 2011-12 school year, Le Grand High had 33 suspensions and 4 expulsions. This year (2012-13) the numbers stand at 15 suspensions, one expulsion. 'I am blown away,' said Principal Martinez.

California Health Report,  June 4th, 2013

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Online Professional Development Courses

  • avatar Information Session Free

    Educators are invited to attend a free webinar, live or recorded, to learn more about the DTR program and PD services available through FPU.  To request a webinar, click here to send an email.

  • avatar Teacher Course (3 units) $495 per participant (includes online instruction and materials)

    Teachers will learn how to resolve conflicts and practice problem-solving techniques. Using the strategies presented in this course, teachers will be able to transform their classroom discipline and develop positive relationships with their students.  Click here to register for the course.

  • Administrator Course (2 units) $345 per participant (includes online instruction and materials)

    Principals and other school leaders will learn and apply practical skills necessary to plan, implement, monitor and sustain DTR Program at their school site. Click here to register for the course.

Why are so many schools adopting the DTR program?

Watch the video below to find out.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Curriculum

Discipline That Restores Flowchart

The DTR Flowchart is a visual that describes what a teacher does in her classroom. The program is designed so that each module in the online course is a stop on the Flowchart.  The dark arrows indicate that the other stops have already been tried and the student has still refused to cooperate.

The first stops are faster informal stops that most
students (over 90%) respond to positively. The later stops continue to provide invitations to cooperate with the students who refuse their first invitations. The later stops require more time and more formal agreements to build trust with students who require additional care and concern to learn to be successful in the classroom. As agreements are kept, trust builds in the classroom between teacher and students. 

Click on this link to read about the success of schools who have implemented this curriculum and reduced student suspensions!

About The Authors

Ron Claassen M.A., M.Div., D.Min., is the co-founder (1990) and Director Emeritus of the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies at Fresno Pacific University. Ron teaches in the MA Peacemaking and Conflict Studies Program at Fresno Pacific University.

Roxanne Claassen M.A. taught for 20 years at Raisin City Elementary, a diverse K-8 school in rural Fresno County, California. Roxanne has served as a mentor teacher, a beginning teacher support provider, and peer mediation coordinator.

Fill Out Our Form To See A Free Video Of The Program In Action

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